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Progress Tool and Die, Inc.
Started out of a garage as a custom die house. Progress Tool and Die has seen over three decades of transformation and growth. Today Our manufacturing facility consists of a 50,000 sq/ft building shared between four Mfg departments:
  • CNC Machining
  • Stamping, Forming, Die and Tool making
  • Home to the Carnai boat and utility trailer line of manufacturing.
  • Home to the Al-ways industrial cart line of manufacturing.

We pride ourselves on bringing to our customers the highest quality products that are delivered on time and to your satisfaction. We have experience with many different steel alloys, and polymers, brass, copper, aluminium, titanium, and more. We also have a sheet metal department for stamping, forming, and pressing sheet metal.

The Al-Ways Industrial carts, our own line of carts used in various manufacturing environments. The Al-Ways Cart line, consists of several variations of a three-wheeled cart that can be used in the welding or other Manufacturing industries. It's purpose is keeping heavy equipment such as propane, Oxy/Acetylene tanks or other storage vessels and straping/banding equipment mobile to a user in their work area. Please click the "Al-Ways Carts" button above for more information.

We are also home to the Carnai line of trailers. Carnai Trailers are a leader in the design and production of the most dependable boat trailers in the business. With an amazing array of Models for today's boating enthusiast, Carnai has a model that will fit the needs of everything from a personal watercraft up to a Six ton boat payload. Please click the "Carnai" button above and check it out for yourself @ www.carnai.com.

Please call us if you have any questions or would like us to provide a quote:




** We hold a Federal Firearms License **

* Quotes * (509)922-4490, alan@carnai.com

We currently have over 15 CNC mills and lathes, 5 stamping presses, and 5 machines used to punch and form sheet metal. Plus!!! We also have several wire electrical discharge machines, media blasting, media tumbling, welding, sawing and drilling machines.

    Equipment List:

  • Mori Seki DuraVertical
  • Mori Seki DuraTurn
  • Mori Seki CL-150
  • Mori Seki ZL-15
  • Mori Seki SH500
  • 2-Mori Seki Jr.
  • 2-Kitamura HX 300 Horizonal
  • Mazak AJV-18
  • Mazak V-414
  • Mazak VTC-200
  • 2-Mazak QuickTurn 8
  • 2-Mazak QuickTurn 15
  • Mazak AJV-25
  • Makino EDM
  • 2-Sodick EDM

  • Stamping Machines
  • Bliss SE2-1000 Ton Press
  • Heim S2-600 Ton Press
  • Danley 200 Ton Press
  • Warco 200 Ton Press
  • Bliss 150 Ton Press

  • Sheet Metal Punching
  • 2-Amada ViPros 358
  • Amada Hife
  • Amada RG-50
  • Amada 3 SS

  • Other Equipment
  • Bead Blast Box
  • Heat Treat Oven
  • Media Tumbling Machine
  • Programmable Saws
  • Various manual lathes, Drills and Milling Machines
Progress Tool and Die, Inc.
19103 East Cataldo, Spokane Valley, WA. 99016
Phone: 509-922-4490 Fax: 509-922-2488

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